Belated Honeymoon Part 1: Queen Mary (Long Beach)

When my Darling and I got married, we had planned a honeymoon cruise. Unfortunately life has a habit of throwing curve balls every so often and we ended up postponing our honeymoon until sometime in the future. Today we finally set off on a belated, but oh so much better, honeymoon cruise to the Mexican…

Goodbye, Serenity

I know most people think it’s silly to get emotionally attached to a car. I would tend to agree but for the simple fact that for whatever reason, that particular car had become more than a mode of transportation for me. She was a friend, but now it was time to say goodbye.

The Light At the End Of the Tunnel

While this is a story of two people on their own adventure, it’s important to realize that we had some strong reasons for leaving the U.S. Hate crimes and terror attacks within our borders were up, while a fast-moving and seemingly deliberate war by the Federal government against its citizens was in full force. In short, the country was quickly becoming a hateful, ugly place to live.

You Can’t Bring Firearms into Mexico

Yesterday marked a milestone – we told the first of our family about our great plans and simultaneously did our first real bit of downsizing – Mark sold one of his guns to his brother and in doing so, we broke the news of our upcoming departure. It also marked another first for me: I fired my Darling’s AR-15.

Our Doppelganger Travelers

It’s said that there’s no such thing as an original idea anymore. Perhaps that’s true. I certainly found this out first hand the other day while doing a random search on the Internet. I happened on a story about a middle-aged couple who sold their house, piled everything (including their dogs) into a cargo van and took off to travel around Mexico…


One of  the real drawbacks to planning a major life change more than a year in the future, is that you have a lot of time to reflect on the decision and talk yourself out of whatever you are planning to do.


Downsizing: the very word strikes fear in most people. No matter what the situation, the term indicates the beginning of the end of a way of life. We hear it when older couples start thinking about giving up the trappings of a well-appointed life in order to prepare for the eventuality of death.


This was everything I had been hoping for since I had first come to work for the company as a contractor almost three years before. So why was I not jumping for joy at the prospect?

One Bite

When I was eighteen, my grandparents decided to take me to England. When they told me, Grandpa added one condition:
“I want you to take one bite of everything that’s put in front of you. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but it’s important you take one bite.”

Chile en Nogada: Stuffed Poblano Chiles with Walnut Sauce

I’ve been reading “Like Water for Chocolate,” a wonderful story about love and cooking by Laura Esquivel. It inspired me to become creative in the kitchen once more. With the support of my darling “Doña Elizabyth”, I chose to recreate the recipes in this magnificent novel. The first dish I challenged myself to make was…