Belated Honeymoon Part 5: Mexican Riviera Cruise (Puerto Vallerta)

After the heat and humidity of Cabo and Matzatlan, we were a little tired and actually wishing that we hadn’t signed up for the last excursion. We weren’t even sure what the excursion was about  – the description had been a little vague: a community tour of local artisans. 

Belated Honeymoon Part 4: Mexican Riviera Cruise (Mazatlan)

We were met by a trio of young women dressed in chef’s hats and aprons, who welcomed us by handing us each a margarita (at 9AM in the morning!) and guiding us to one of a roomful of tables set for eight. This was a large group – around 80-90 people – so apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought learning salsa (both the culinary and dance versions) would be fun.

Belated Honeymoon Part 2: Mexican Riviera Cruise (at Sea)

Our entire commute from the Queen Mary to our next destination took all of ten minutes – of which half of that time was spent waiting for an elevator to take us from the lobby on the third floor to the ground level. So not only did we arrive fresh and stress-free, we were also…

Belated Honeymoon Part 1: Queen Mary (Long Beach)

When my Darling and I got married, we had planned a honeymoon cruise. Unfortunately life has a habit of throwing curve balls every so often and we ended up postponing our honeymoon until sometime in the future. Today we finally set off on a belated, but oh so much better, honeymoon cruise to the Mexican…

One Bite

When I was eighteen, my grandparents decided to take me to England. When they told me, Grandpa added one condition:
“I want you to take one bite of everything that’s put in front of you. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but it’s important you take one bite.”

Raptor Ridge Winery

Our friend was up from California for a visit this past week. We decided to take Sunday to decompress, de-stress and chill. “Ah HA!” I exclaimed loudly. “Wine tasting!” Wine always makes everything better.

Morton’s Steakhouse

It was the night of the Opera. My darling and I had tickets to Sweeney Todd and we were making a night of it. Before the Opera was dinner at Morton’s The Steakhouse. Morton’s got their start in Chicago more than thirty-five years ago and has grown to over 69 restaurants all over the world….

The Camping Experience: Cooking over an open fire.

My darling and I recently went on a backpacking/camping excursion with my brother and sister-in-law. While my idea of “roughing it” is Motel 6, I still figured I could cook up a culinary masterpiece. After all, it’s not that different from backyard grilling… is it?