Belated Honeymoon Part 5: Mexican Riviera Cruise (Puerto Vallerta)

After the heat and humidity of Cabo and Matzatlan, we were a little tired and actually wishing that we hadn’t signed up for the last excursion. We weren’t even sure what the excursion was about  – the description had been a little vague: a community tour of local artisans. 

Belated Honeymoon Part 4: Mexican Riviera Cruise (Mazatlan)

We were met by a trio of young women dressed in chef’s hats and aprons, who welcomed us by handing us each a margarita (at 9AM in the morning!) and guiding us to one of a roomful of tables set for eight. This was a large group – around 80-90 people – so apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought learning salsa (both the culinary and dance versions) would be fun.

The Light At the End Of the Tunnel

While this is a story of two people on their own adventure, it’s important to realize that we had some strong reasons for leaving the U.S. Hate crimes and terror attacks within our borders were up, while a fast-moving and seemingly deliberate war by the Federal government against its citizens was in full force. In short, the country was quickly becoming a hateful, ugly place to live.

Chile en Nogada: Stuffed Poblano Chiles with Walnut Sauce

I’ve been reading “Like Water for Chocolate,” a wonderful story about love and cooking by Laura Esquivel. It inspired me to become creative in the kitchen once more. With the support of my darling “Doña Elizabyth”, I chose to recreate the recipes in this magnificent novel. The first dish I challenged myself to make was…